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In the heart of Miami, within the echoing chambers of the Museum of the Cuban Diaspora, unfolds a story that has long yearned to be told. "Las Paredes Oyen" - "The Walls Have Ears" - is more than just a play. It's a journey, a poignant tapestry woven by the children of Cuban exiles, bringing to life the harrowing tales of Cuban political prisoners from the 1960s. Each step you take through the immersive museum exhibit echoes with the whispers of the past, transporting you from a Cuba of yesteryears to the present. And as the curtain rises, you'll be submerged into an hour of raw emotion, history, and unyielding spirit. But the story doesn't end there. Linger on, and let the soulful rhythms of Cuba embrace you in our rum garden, where memories are shared over cocktails, cigars, and tales of a resilient Cuba. Join us, and be a part of this soul-stirring homage to a legacy that must never be forgotten.

Our Cast

Bill Kenny

Interpretado por Bill Schwartz


Interpretada por Susana Pérez


Interpretado por Ariel Texido


Interpretado por Hector Medina 


Interpretado por Dianne Garriga

Las Paredes Oyen 

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